Parish Smith

PMD "Parish Smith"



The founder of EPMD


This is a very special blogspot issue thats dedicated to the my spiritual brother and one of the late 80's,and 90's leaders of HipHop whom of course Jay-Z,P-Diddy and a host of other MC's got their inspirations from PMD was the 1st rap artist to do his own label deals with DefJam with his own imprint the "HitSquad"which to this day are still selling our venues over seas and in america feel free to preveiw this new hot video featuring "PMD" and Nigerian rap artist "Cashino" with the hit trax "All I Got" with a cameo appearance by "Nas"

PMD, Parish Smith (aka the Mic Doctor of the classic hip-hop group EPMD), has been traveling on a long road of rocking mics, releasing records, and keeping his mind on business. From classic EPMD tracks like "It's My Thing," "Gold digger", "Crossover," to "You Gots To Chill", PMD has dropped legendary verses and flows all throughout hip-hop history. PMD's smooth, mellow voice along w